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Youth and YSA

Elder Dale G. Renlund and his wife Ruth delivered a historic Africa Face to Face event on August 5, 2017 from Accra, Ghana.
Joseph from Zimbabwe shares how he is preparing to serve as a missionary
An institute student wasn't going to be able to attend the meeting with Elder Rasband, but fasted for the opportunity to do so
How could Lungelo honour the Sabbath day when his soccer team played on Sundays?  
A Young Single Adult from the DRC tells how Institute is helping him prepare to serve a mission
These members decided to follow Nephi's example. A brother was blessed as he prepared for a mission, and a sister was led back into activity in the church
Elder Sabin teaches us why we should be valiant in keeping our covenants
A sister shares how trusting in God unwaveringly has sustained her in her trials
While Tarryn waits for her mission call to arrive, she is preparing for her mission, not waiting idly
Calvin wanted to join the club, but he would have to bribe his way in
Teenagers share how they feel about the temple
I loved horseback riding more than anything, but did I love it more than church?
It took only one phone call to help a young woman come to church
Elder Moyo finally accepted the gospel because his brother never gave up on him
The Duty to God program helped him be worthy to receive the Melchizedek priesthood
A young brother from the Democratic Republic of Congo shares how choosing to stay in the seminary program helped him finish top of his class
Walter felt drawn to the wet, dusty book with a gold angel on the cover 
On the anniversary of the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood, a few young men from the Johannesburg South Africa Stake share their thoughts on how the priesthood has changed their lives and the way they serve others
'Please help me eat because I love these people and I know they have prepared this from their hearts and I don’t want to disappoint them”
370 youth attended the For the Strength of Youth conference in KwaZulu-Natal this month
A Young Woman from Sunnyside, South Africa wrote a poem about how significant we each are
Zimbabwe held their first For the Strength of Youth Conference
This is the first time that young Church Service Missionaries have been assigned to serve in the temple
First Young Women's camp for the District of Luanda in Angola
Many young single adults gathered in Uganda for their first-ever YSA conference
Over 400 young people gathered for an exciting FSY conference in Cape Town.
Enjoy this slideshow of the YSA convention held in Ethiopia!
A soccer player's friends bring him back to church activity  
Young people from Ethiopia join in a For the Strength of You conference.  
Young Women of Botswana attend the first Young Women's camp.  
Synergy performers meet audience members.  
Young performers take another bow.