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Mothers of the First Presidency

Lessons the First Presidency learned from their mothers

"Keep it Simple and Keep it Sacred" - Durban Temple Groundbreaking

The Presidency of the Africa Southeast Area speak about the Durban temple groundbreaking

An Olive Tree Analogy for Africa

The growth of the Church in Africa can be compared to the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees

"I Love to See the Temple; I'm Going There Some Day"

The Durban members excitedly await the new temple

Flight to Antananarivo

Did the Lord arrange for Mike from South Africa to meet a less-active brother from Russia on a plane to Madagascar?

‘A New Day’ for Zimbabwe

The hearts of the Zimbabwean Saints rejoice at the announcement of a temple for Harare

New Teaching Manual

A new teaching manual replaces Teaching, No Greater Call

The LDS Teen Who Turned Down $1 Million to Serve a Mission

McKay said that his mission was not for sale