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Church History Stories

Oral histories are beneficial where illiteracy is prevalent or written records have not been preserved
These members decided to follow Nephi's example. A brother was blessed as he prepared for a mission, and a sister was led back into activity in the church
Joseph Smith was born in the month of December. Here are three important lessons we can learn from his life
The earliest baptisms in Cape Town most likely took place in the Liesbeeck River
The Lord kept me safe as I did His work
Information about the dedication of some of the early chapels built in South Africa
In 1918 a flu epidemic in Cape Town killed 5000 people. The mission president and a missionary blessed the members of the Church
Despite many challenges and trials, two young men from South Sudan chose to serve missions
A member sharing the gospel with this young man led to him serving a mission
This month we celebrate the organisation of Primary
Her dying father asked her to promise that she would 'Stand by the church'
Robert Dlamini was the first Swazi to accept the gospel
This timeline shows the development of the Church in Durban as they grew to having a temple
The groundbreaking for the newest temple on the African continent will take place on 9 April 2016 in Durban, South Africa. In the days leading up to the event, we will share testimonies and stories about the church in its early days in that area.
The man who invented Zims has spent his life helping to build the Lord's kingdom
Sister Fourie was Primary Mother to 50 children before she was baptised
Despite much persecution, the first missionaries taught the gospel and eventually established six branches
The story of the translation of the Book of Mormon into Afrikaans
Where is the Church History Centre in Africa, and what's in it?
Brother Hubert Hodgkiss was the first convert baptism in Zimbabwe
Meet the man who oversees Church History for both the Africa Southeast Area and the Africa West Area
 Primary began in 1878 with 224 children attending. Today there are one million children in Primary.
Miracles provide inspirational pictures of the Johannesburg Temple  
The Church has recently released footage of the first baptisms in Ghana and Nigeria in 1978.
Gwen Smith was healed when she received a priesthood blessing.
Primary children pray that the rain will stop.
An apostle's visit blessed Sister Shongwe's family for many years.  
Kofi Sosu prayed and fasted to find peace with his father.  
Many miracles made it possible for Church authorities to dedicate Angola.  
Anastasia Akotbongo became alarmed when her relatives started joining the Church.  
Gervais Gerard Zang becomes one of the first members of the Church and the first branch president in Cameroon.    
Kuteka Kamulete travels from Zaire to the Swiss Temple.    
Saints of Cameroon struggle to get to the temple.  
The faith of a village in Tanzania helped them survive a drought.    
Brother Modibo's dog was his first connection to the Church.    
Africa is full of 'faithful, visionary people' who have often been led to the Church by extraordinary means.    
Robert Israel Muhile was not only among the first members of the Church in Tanzania; he was the only one in his village.    
Filipe S. Zavale of Mozambique keeps in touch with the Church through his magazine subscription to the Liahona.    
Ejikeme Enyii-Ineh from Chad visits Temple Square while on a business trip.  
This little booklet secured official Church recognition for an entire country.  
Anthony Obinna sees a beautiful building in a dream.  
Brother Mohapi found the church when he was a refugee  
A missionary finds an answer.  
If seven loaves and a few little fishes can feed a multitude, 200 rand can keep blessing lives far into the future.  
Missionaries receive the royal treatment in Ghana.  
Few people know about the miraculous behind-the-scenes preparation necessary for missionary work to begin in a new country.  
Water is extremely scarce in Namibia  
The first three Mormon missionaries travel to Cape Town, South Africa