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Lesotho Information

Lesotho Information


  • First Church presence in Kenya:  1989
  • Church received legal status: 1989
  • Became part of the Durban, South Africa Mission: 2010
  • Current number of congregations: 2
  • Current Church membership in Lesotho: 867
  • Nearest temple:  Johannesburg, South Africa


1937:  The first baptism to take place in Basutoland was the Halses' daughter, Norma Renee.

1948 :  No other visitors representing the Church came until the arrival of June B. Sharp who visited on 29 September 1948.

1970s - 1980s  :  Scattered Latter-day Saints from the United States who were working for humanitarian agencies lived in Lesotho.

1988:  South African Johannesburg Mission President, Richard J. Snow, organised the Maseru congregation with Garry Massey as President.

1989:  The Church received legal recognition on 6 July 1989, and the first missionaries arrived in September.

1990:  Neal A. Maxwell was the first member of the Quorum of the Twelve to visit Lesotho on 22 February 1990.

1991:  The Seminary program for religious instruction for the  youth was instituted.

1993:  The first missionary from Lesotho, Ts'ooane Patrick Molapo, served in the Durban South Africa Mission from 1993-1995.

1994:  The first permanent building was purchased in Maseru.