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That He May Become Strong Also

Priesthood leaders and fathers are encouraged to strengthen Aaronic priesthood holders

My Learnings from General Conference

Members in the Africa Southeast Area share what they learned from the October 2016 General Conference

The Giants Of Kinkondja

These men walked 520 km to attend stake conference (and then back) twice a year

Studying General Conference with your Family

Ideas for studying the general conference talks with your family

Favourite General Conference Quotes

Members of the Africa Southeast Area share their favourite General Conference quotes

LDS Church Launches “Preventing Suicide” Website

The church's new website has helps for those struggling with thoughts of suicide, warning signs to look for, and help for those who have lost a loved one

Determined to Serve the Lord

Despite having his life savings stolen, John would not be deterred from serving a mission

Sharing the Gospel

Elder Andersen told a story in general conference about a sister from Mauritius

Small Children and Sacrament Meeting

Suggestions for parents of small children to make sacrament meeting easier

What Can You Do to Prepare for Your Mission?

Advice from Church leaders on how to prepare for a mission