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Overcoming Opposition

Jordin-Jordin Kialanda encounters opposition to joining the Church.

A gospel story

Early Saints in Africa-Cameroon

Gervais Gerard Zang becomes one of the first members of the Church and the first branch president in Cameroon.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 9 Cameroon

A Church history story

From Zaire to the Lord's House

Kuteka Kamulete travels from Zaire to the Swiss Temple.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 8 Democratic Republic of the Congo

A Church history story

Voice to the World

Synergy performers meet audience members.

A youth activity story

"The Dog Did It!"

Brother Modibo's dog was his first connection to the Church.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 6 Mali

A Church history story

The Mini Tabernacle Choir

The Alexandra Branch Choir follows the example of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

A gospel story

Time for the Temple

The Jadwong family finds the right time to attend the temple.

A gospel story

And the Rains Came

The faith of a village in Tanzania helped them survive a drought.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 7 Kenya

A Church history story

Band of Brothers

An unlikely group of young men in Botswana find the gospel together.

A missionary story

Basketball or Mission Call?

Olivio Manuel has a difficult decision to make about his future.

A gospel story

New Africa Southeast Area Seventies

The Africa Southeast Area adds four new Area Seventies.

A newsroom article

Faith in Every Footstep: Cameroon

Saints of Cameroon struggle to get to the temple.

A Church history story

Peace Amid Trials

Unto All The World: The Sam Family Story

A gospel video

A Congregation of One

Robert Israel Muhile was not only among the first members of the Church in Tanzania; he was the only one in his village.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 4 Tanzania

A Church history story

A Jewish Boy Finds the Gospel

A Jewish boy wants to know why there are no prophets like Moses and Elijah on the earth.

A Church history story

An African Prince Visits Temple Square

Ejikeme Enyii-Ineh from Chad visits Temple Square while on a business trip.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 1 Chad

A Church history story

I Found Them!

A seeming coincidence helps Sister Modiba locate information on her great-great-grandparents.

A gospel story

Harare Youth Temple Visit VIDEO

Harare Youth Temple Visit

A youth activity video

Jo-burg Stake Youth "Ignite the Light"

Young performers take another bow.

A youth activity story

A Faithful, Visionary People

Africa is full of "faithful, visionary people" who have often been led to the Church by extraordinary means.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 3 Ghana

A Church history story

Harare Youth Temple Trip

Young people from Harare, Zimbabwe attend the Johannesburg Temple.

A youth activity story

A Light in Africa

President and Sister Uchtdorf are touched by African Saints who bring light into a completely dark chapel.

A General Authority story

Fasting for a Fast Recovery

Emergency surgery threatens to cut a missionary's service short.

A missionary story

The Liahona Was My Guide

Filipe S. Zavale of Mozambique keeps in touch with the Church through his magazine subscription to the Liahona.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 2 Mozambique

A Church history story

Embraced as Their Own

Unto All The World: Felicity's Story

A gospel video

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