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Sacrificing for Temple Blessings

Many have made remarkable sacrifices to be sealed to their families and claim the blessings of the Lord's temples

2015 Special Stake Conference for the Africa Southeast Area

General Authorities spoke to the Africa Southeast Area members in a special conference

Doctrine and Principles of Marriage

The Africa Southeast Area Presidency has published a new brochure outlining the Church's doctrine and principles of marriage in Africa

Her Daughter's Ear Was Healed

She thought her daughter would be deaf, but the Lord had other plans in mind

The Lord Answers Prayers

The Lord answered many of Sister Lillian's prayers long before she joined the church

"I Cannot Say the Smallest Part Which I Feel"

Did Gladys still "sing the song of redeeming love" after twenty six years?

Sabbath Ideas for Young People

What can I do on Sunday + strengthen my faith = lots of stuff

What Should I Do When I See Pornography?

The challenges that children face today related to pornography are tremendous, but armed with the right information about what to do when they encounter it, they can successfully overcome the challenge and lead safe, happy lives.

Sabbath Activity Ideas for Children

Teach children that there are many enjoyable Sabbath activities that they can do while keeping the day holy and special