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To Sweep the Earth as with a Flood

Elder David A. Bednar encourages members to use social media to spread the gospel.

From Begging Orphan to Doctor

"Sooner or later God will compensate you for all the pain."

A gospel story

Traditions vs. the Gospel

"Some cultural traditions in parts of Africa are negative when measured against gospel culture and values."

An Area Authority message

"I Accept You as My Son"

Kofi Sosu prayed and fasted to find peace with his father.

A Church history story

Meet the Mormons

The Church has just released a full-length feature film introducing six diverse members.

Terrified of Exams

Every exam day, Duduzile became so ill that she had to be taken home.

A gospel story

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

Sister Marumo was comforted when her young daughter suddenly passed away.

A gospel story

I Never Thought Twice

Lovemore Katandika trusted in the Lord to help him find a job that didn't require Sunday work.

A gospel story

Come Unto Christ: First Young Women's Camp in Botswana

Young Women of Botswana attend the first Young Women's camp.

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