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Latter-day Saints Respond to Aid Xenophobia Refugees

Members of the Church help provide for recent refugees from xenophobia.

Sister Philomon, a Saint of the Latter Days

Sister Philomon helps orphans in Kinshasa

Blessed through the Power of the Priesthood

Gwen Smith was healed when she received a priesthood blessing.

A Dream of My Baptism

Vanick resisted baptism until she had a dream that answered her prayers.

"The Teachers of This Church"

Elder Hamilton discusses the importance of effective teaching in the Church.

With God, All Things Are Possible

Lindani Ndlovu prayed for inspiration about going on a mission, and his prayers were answered.

A Sports Missionary

Solomon Tumane taught the gospel through soccer.

Using the Radio to Share the Gospel

Elders in Richard's Bay share the gospel on their own radio show.

God Did the Rest

Being diagnosed with a life-threatening tumour tested the faith of a young Mozambican woman.