Latest Articles

"It Is My Purpose to Provide for My Saints"

The Lord's way to receive blessings is to help the poor and become self-reliant.


Marriage and Baptism in Mozambique

Four couples were married the day before they and their families were baptized.


Watch the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional

Use this link to access the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional.

He Is the Gift

The Church has launched a new Christmas video, "He Is the Gift."

An Apostle Blessed Our Home

An apostle's visit blessed Sister Shongwe's family for many years.


Help from beyond the Veil

Ian and Wendy Wrench received spiritual support as they searched for their family history.


Cultural Events and Concert in Nairobi

15 congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organized Nairobi cultural events and performances at the Church’s Stake Centre in Buru Buru.


A "Renaissance” of Happy Marriages

President Henry B. Eyring addressed a diverse group of religious leaders at the Vatican.


A New Season of Music and the Spoken Word

SABC announces a new season of Music and the Spoken Word.


Ben's Shoes

Ben needed new school shoes, but where were we going to get the money for them?

A Stake Conference for All of Africa

Saints from all over Africa gathered to hear conference messages especially for Africans.