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Africa Southeast Area Welcomes Elder and Sister Ellis

Sister Kathryn K. and Elder Stanley G. Ellis have arrived in the Africa Southeast Area.

An Area Presidency story

About Your Previous Job...

Brother Pierre Kemle had been a pastor for 25 years before he met the missionaries.

A gospel story

Persecutions may Rage

Anastasia Akotbongo became alarmed when her relatives started joining the Church.

A Church history story

Dr. Drew Cahoon--Uganda

Dr. Drew Cahoon helps establish a new dental school in Uganda.

A humanitarian story

Avoid Not the Voice of God

Jonah isn't the only person who tried to avoid the voice of God.

A gospel story

American Idol Speaks to Ethiopian Youth

Amrican Idol David Archuleta sings in Ethiopia.

A newsroom article

Overcoming Opposition

Jordin-Jordin Kialanda encounters opposition to joining the Church.

A gospel story

Early Saints in Africa-Cameroon

Gervais Gerard Zang becomes one of the first members of the Church and the first branch president in Cameroon.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 9 Cameroon

A Church history story

From Zaire to the Lord's House

Kuteka Kamulete travels from Zaire to the Swiss Temple.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 8 Democratic Republic of the Congo

A Church history story

Voice to the World

Synergy performers meet audience members.

A youth activity story

"The Dog Did It!"

Brother Modibo's dog was his first connection to the Church.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 6 Mali

A Church history story

He Threw the Book Back

When Edward M. Ngindu was first offered a Book of Mormon, he threw it back.

A gospel story

The Mini Tabernacle Choir

The Alexandra Branch Choir follows the example of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

A gospel story

Time for the Temple

The Jadwong family finds the right time to attend the temple.

A gospel story

And the Rains Came

The faith of a village in Tanzania helped them survive a drought.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 7 Kenya

A Church history story

Band of Brothers

An unlikely group of young men in Botswana find the gospel together.

A missionary story

Basketball or Mission Call?

Olivio Manuel has a difficult decision to make about his future.

A gospel story

Faith in Every Footstep: Cameroon

Saints of Cameroon struggle to get to the temple.

A Church history story

Harare Youth Temple Visit VIDEO

Harare Youth Temple Visit

A youth activity video

Jo-burg Stake Youth "Ignite the Light"

Young performers take another bow.

A youth activity story