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New Area Presidency

The Africa Southeast Area will have a new presidency from 1 June 2016

Self-Reliance Principle 3: Be Obedient—How Self-Discipline Improves Our Temporal and Spiritual Lives

Perseverance overcomes almost everything—John D. Rockefeller

Emelda’s Realization: “The turning point of my life”

“…the worst affliction in life is neither pain nor poverty but a lack of purpose and direction”

Self-Reliance Principle 4: How to Manage Your Money

There are many ways to save—be prayerful and seek guidance in finding them

PEF Made a Difference in my Life

"The PEF program was able to give me hope and an opportunity to drastically improve my life through education" - Shirley

Education Opens the Door to Success

"We just need to take advantage of all the opportunities we have and keep putting God first in our lives" - Sandra

Self-Reliance Principle 5: Work: Take Responsibility

We are responsible for our appearance, our attitude, and our relationships

Determined to Improve Herself

Focus and determination kept me going, and it was all worth the sacrifices in the end

Becoming Self-Reliant

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Self-Reliance Principle 6: Solve Problems

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. It takes work, but that’s how the Lord intended it to be. The best part is the great feeling of accomplishment we feel when we get it right

Never Give Up On Others

Vanessa was so impressed by a young man’s respect for himself and for women, and by his unwavering love of God,  that she wanted to investigate the LDS Church

Helping Students Become Self-Reliant in Kenya

Learning a skill, such as sewing, helps people become self-reliant

Self-Reliance Principle 7: Become One, Work Together

“United we stand, divided we fall”