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Could I Find a Job?

Greg Burgoyne decided to pay his tithing even though he knew it would take a miracle for him to finish medical school.

For the Strength of Youth in the Cape 2014

Over 400 young people gathered for an exciting FSY conference in Cape Town.

A Place to Live

Brother Mamo prayed for help finding a place to live.


"The Lord Knows You by Name"

Tito Momen knew the Church was true, but being baptized was illegal in his country.


Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults Rebroadcast

A worldwide devotional for young adults and young single adults will broadcast Sunday January 11, 2015 and rebroadcast Sunday January 18, 2015.

Music Fills the Air in Kinshasa!

Several hundred guests gathered to hear the melodic sounds of Kinshasa's own symphony orchestra at an LDS meetinghouse Friday evening.

New Self-Reliance Centres Opening

New Self-Reliance Centres are opening throughout Africa.

Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can be strengthened as we rely on His atonement, firmly believe on all His words, and remember the spiritual experiences we have had throughout our lives.


True to the Faith Convention Slideshow

Enjoy this slideshow of the YSA convention held in Ethiopia!

Sharing the Gift this Christmas

Great ideas for Sharing the Gift with your family and friends!

A "Renaissance” of Happy Marriages

President Henry B. Eyring addressed a diverse group of religious leaders at the Vatican.


A New Season of Music and the Spoken Word

SABC announces a new season of Music and the Spoken Word.


Primary Children at the Mandela Celebration

Primary children sing at a celebration for Nelson Mandela.

"It Is My Purpose to Provide for My Saints"

The Lord's way to receive blessings is to help the poor and become self-reliant.


Ben's Shoes

Ben needed new school shoes, but where were we going to get the money for them?

A Stake Conference for All of Africa

Saints from all over Africa gathered to hear conference messages especially for Africans.