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Savior of the World

Photographs taken in Israel showing scenes mentioned in the New Testament

Encircled in His Gentle Arms

Elder Uchtdorf discusses the comforting blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ

Because He Lives Video

He is here. Find Him.

Easter Testimonies of Jesus Christ

Members are encouraged to share their testimony of Jesus Christ at Easter

Because He Lives

Elder Nelson tells of the great blessing of the Savior's Atonement

Prophets Have Spoken

Elder Cook reminds us that following the prophets' instructions on marriage will bless us and our families

God Did the Rest

Being diagnosed with a life-threatening tumour tested the faith of a young Mozambican woman.

Teaching Children about Pornography

Four new Family Home Evening lessons to help parents teach their children about pornography

The Power of Primary Children

Primary children pray that the rain will stop.

Great Blessings Experienced in Beira, Mozambique!

A new stake is formed in Beira, Mozambique

Using Social Media to Find a Job

Five ways social media can help you find a job.