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The Joy of Learning

As we become more committed learners, we will experience the divine joy that comes from learning and living the gospel of Jesus Christ

The First Missionaries to Serve Missions from the Southern Sudan

Despite many challenges and trials, two young men from South Sudan chose to serve missions

A Message to Future Missionaries

Elder Holland encourages young people to prepare now for their missions, and tells how to do it. Parents play a great role in this preparation

Sharing the Gospel through Music

Sister Christine du Plessis found the gospel when she was training to be an opera singer, then she shared it with all her pupils when she became a teacher


"I was hit with a powerful reminder that Heavenly Father knows me, He knows my needs, and He watches over me."

The Story of Moses Mahlangu's Conversion

The story of Moses Mahlangu is one that shows the triumph of faith over many kinds of obstacles

Rwanda's First Missionary

A member sharing the gospel with this young man led to him serving a mission

Face to Face Event with President Eyring and Elder Holland

This event will feature a studio audience of South African youth at the Area Office linking up live with the main event in Palmyra