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The Secret to a Successful Day

The Zwane family works together to be self-reliant.

A gospel story

Sister Missionary!

Dudu Simphiwe Manzini wanted to become a missionary even before she was a member.

A missionary story

Soccer on Sundays?

How could Lungelo honor the Sabbath Day when his soccer team played on Sundays?

A gospel story

Too Nervous to Speak

Sister Pamela Obaro was afraid to speak in Church.

A gospel story

Picture a Family

A family picture of health

A gospel story

Through Small and Simple Things

Millions of small acts of service help the Church grow.

A gospel story

Africa Southeast Area Welcomes Elder and Sister Ellis

Sister Kathryn K. and Elder Stanley G. Ellis have arrived in the Africa Southeast Area.

An Area Presidency story

"The Dog Did It!"

Brother Modibo's dog was his first connection to the Church.

Early Saints in Africa: Part 6 Mali

A Church history story

Jo-burg Stake Youth "Ignite the Light"

Young performers take another bow.

A youth activity story