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The Cupboard was Empty

The Cupboard was Empty

My parents lived in very humble circumstances, and two years after my birth, my father died. My mother was left with four children to raise on her own. She had a very limited education, with the result that she worked hard for a nominal wage. I am sure that there were many nights that mother went without food in order to feed us, her children. Many nights we would try to stay awake, knowing that she would arrive home with good things to eat. These were given to her at the place where she worked as a waitress to supplement her meagre income. This courageous woman worked day and night to care for her children.

I feel gratitude to my mother for my early religious training, which prepared me to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ when it was presented to me years later. I remember her wonderful faith, illustrated by the following incident. I was at the time about 8 years old. This was told to me by my brother, he being the oldest child in the family, and actually experiencing this act of faith.

It was time for the evening meal, with four very hungry little children with only one thing on their minds, that being food, but unknown to us, there was no food. The cupboard really was bare. But we, being children, expected there to be food. My mother called my brother aside and told him the situation. She suggested that he prepare the table for the evening meal, and then he was to join her in prayer. This act of faith and supplication to God was duly performed. It was not long after that that a knock was heard at the front door. On opening it, it was found that a carton of groceries had been left, and the little Greer children went to bed that night with full tummies.

Heavenly Father really does hear our prayers. He is mindful of us and our needs. He answers the prayers offered in faith, He watches over us, and He gives us the help we need. Often He answers our prayers through other people. These experiences build our faith in Him so that in times of trouble, we will know that we can rely on Him and trust Him.