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Temples J

“I think there is no place in the world where I feel closer to the Lord than in one of His holy temples” — President Thomas S. Monson
Michelle's grandmother was eagerly waiting for her ordinances to be performed, and was overjoyed when Michelle did them for her
This sister wanted to attend Church but had to work on Sundays
Teenagers share how they feel about the temple
'Members of the Church should do everything in their power to come to the temple in order to claim their blessings' - Elder Kevin S. Hamilton
He knew he had to work in the temple that day
My mother’s birthday present changed my life
The temple gave Elder Chatima peace, knowing he would see his family again.
Colin and Jennifer Bricknell have been called to serve and President of the Johannesburg Temple.
'A number of names of my relatives started going through my mind. It was a long list, but at the end were about six names of those who had gone beyond the veil. That list remained stuck in my mind.'
It would require riding on the back of a transport truck for hours, as well as two flights to take his family to the temple
'When I reached the temple I felt the Holy Ghost whispering to me that this is God’s holy house'