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Missionary Stories

Wherever we are, we can light the world - just as these two missionaries in Ukraine did.
A missionary on a bus gave away a copy of the Church News, which brought about a man's conversion
A blind sister in Mozambique manages to walk to church on her own each Sunday because she is guided by the light of Christ
While Tarryn waits for her mission call to arrive, she is preparing for her mission, not waiting idly
A picture of Jesus in a shop in Ladysmith, South Africa attracted the missionaries
Some homesick missionaries brought Christmas cheer to an old age home and an orphanage
'He prayed that they be watched over so that they could return home safely to their families.'
Elder and Sister French share advice on preparing to serve a mission as a couple
Their mission started a few days before their only daughter's wedding
When their daughter was called on a mission, she was an answer to their prayers of many years before
While serving a mission, he met the missionary who had taught him the gospel
She stayed alive long enough to pass on the details of 500 ancestors to a young LDS relative
The temple gave Elder Chatima peace, knowing he would see his family again.
Despite many challenges and trials, two young men from South Sudan chose to serve missions
A member sharing the gospel with this young man led to him serving a mission
They were on their way home when they met Elder Holland
Like King Mosiah, they have four children on mission at the same time
He gave up his very popular band to serve a mission
The journey of Elder Ajok from South Sudan to serving as a full-time missionary was filled with both challenges and blessings
Parents share how they prepared their children to serve missions
Some missionaries never know the fruit borne by the seeds they sow. Her daughter learned of two after her mission
The healing of spiritual blindness is a matter of eternal significance
Elder Lagoua wanted to wear the names of both his father and the Saviour
Elder Moyo finally accepted the gospel because his brother never gave up on him
He prayed with faith and received a testimony
The power went off, and Elder Scott gave us a very special message
'Please help me eat because I love these people and I know they have prepared this from their hearts and I don’t want to disappoint them”
A sister serving in the Botswana/Namibia mission office tells how an advertisement on to receive free Bibles became the catalyst for a flood of visitors  
Despite much persecution, the first missionaries taught the gospel and eventually established six branches
We drove into a deep pothole in the road, but nothing seemed to be wrong with the car
This is the first time that young Church Service Missionaries have been assigned to serve in the temple
How could we hold a baptism with no water for the font?
Elder Brown and Elder Jackson were able to teach the gospel to an audience of about 30,000.
Obedience was embarrassed when he met the same missionaries he had thrown out of his home.
Lindani Ndlovu prayed for inspiration about going on a mission, and his prayers were answered.
Solomon Tumane taught the gospel through soccer.
Elders in Richard's Bay share the gospel on their own radio show.
The first two sister missionaries from Angola have their prayers answered.  
Elder Mfundo E. Mavundla might never have met Elder Jace R. Riley.  
A soccer player's friends bring him back to church activity  
Many young adults in Zimbabwe are preparing for missions. A missionary story
Elder Nigel Richard Lipengah finds music connects him to his deceased father. A missionary story
Dudu Simphiwe Manzini wanted to become a missionary even before she was a member. A missionary story
An unlikely group of young men in Botswana find the gospel together. A missionary story
Olivio Manuel has a difficult decision to make about his future. A gospel story
Emergency surgery threatens to cut a missionary's service short.  
President Monson's Conference talk inspires a discouraged missionary. A missionary story
A missionary finds an answer.  
Medical mission refocuses on patriarchal blessings.  
Missionaries receive the royal treatment in Ghana.  
The first three Mormon missionaries travel to Cape Town, South Africa