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It seemed like he was never home. Then I realized he was with me in the ways that really matter.
His mother, Sylvia would walk far and catch a train and bus to get him and his brother to church each Sunday
'All the accolades the world can give to a woman will never compare in importance to the privilege of raising and nurturing a child to maturity'
Through family history, I have gained a love for people whose faces I will never see in this life
Michelle's grandmother was eagerly waiting for her ordinances to be performed, and was overjoyed when Michelle did them for her
'A seemingly small decision such as whether or not to attend a sacrament meeting can have far-reaching, even eternal, consequences.'
In the attic he found a life history which his grandmother had written
“Skills and talents come as a result of work, practice and often some failure. Missionary work is no exception.” 
Suggestions for parents of small children to make sacrament meeting easier
Ideas for studying the general conference talks with your family
In this article there are links to other useful articles to help teach children to be self-reliant
This month we celebrate the organisation of Primary
Like King Mosiah, they have four children on mission at the same time
Parents share how they prepared their children to serve missions
Elder Lagoua wanted to wear the names of both his father and the Saviour
The Lord answers our prayers when we have faith
After Dan joined the Church, he saw himself and others differently
Teaching children that the Sabbath is about renewals and not restrictions can be difficult. Here’s an idea for a family home evening to help your family make the Sabbath a better day in your home
President Uchtdorf explains how fathers are mentors to their children
Here are some fun FHE ideas for helping children accept others from different cultures
Four questions to discuss with your family to plan Sabbath activities
Mothers share why they love motherhood
As we emulate the Savior’s love, He will surely bless and prosper our righteous efforts to save our marriages and strengthen our families
Our priesthood obligation is to put our families and the families of those around us at the center of our concern
How parents and Primary teachers can teach children to kick off worldly influences and trust the Spirit
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi spoke of Christian values and the importance of families
The Durban members excitedly await the new temple
Keep children listening and participating during Conference. You will be surprised how much they learn
The mission president wanted to interview this 'golden' family himself
Easter is more than chocolate eggs. Help children focus more on Christ at this time of the year
Make a Sabbath Day Bucket List