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Elder Heald prayed and studied hard to develop the faith to perform a miracle on his mission.
An institute student wasn't going to be able to attend the meeting with Elder Rasband, but fasted for the opportunity to do so
This baby boy needed surgery and a stoma, but then he was given a priesthood blessing
Elder Joni L. Koch gained his testimony through living the gospel of Jesus Christ
Christ can comfort and sustain us in our difficulties and trials
These members decided to follow Nephi's example. A brother was blessed as he prepared for a mission, and a sister was led back into activity in the church
'We increase our faith as we rely on His promises and ask for His enabling grace' - Elder Kevin S. Hamilton
A sister tells how the talks in General Conference answered her questions
A sister writes how Elder McConkie's last testimony helped her develop a personal relationship with Christ
A sister shares how trusting in God unwaveringly has sustained her in her trials
She felt she couldn't afford to pay tithing, but she put the Lord's promise to the test
Michelle's grandmother was eagerly waiting for her ordinances to be performed, and was overjoyed when Michelle did them for her
The lost wallet brought about the opportunity for one of God's children to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ
“I’ve always loved the talks from Elder Bednar. He is one of the Church leaders who inspires me the most.”
By following the promptings of the Holy Ghost, this young mother kept her children safe
Joseph Smith was born in the month of December. Here are three important lessons we can learn from his life
'He prayed that they be watched over so that they could return home safely to their families.'
The members were blessed and protected by several miracles
These men walked 520 km to attend stake conference (and then back) twice a year
The Lord kept me safe as I did His work
If there is someone out there who might be postponing reading the Book of Mormon or attending church, this is the time to do so
The power of a priesthood blessing brought Victoria Ekong's daughter back from the edge of death
In 1918 a flu epidemic in Cape Town killed 5000 people. The mission president and a missionary blessed the members of the Church
A former stake and mission president shares what he has learned from General Conference
The Lord opened the windows of heaven and poured out blessings on her when she paid her tithing
Despite being poor, they felt they were not exempt from paying tithing
They were on their way home when they met Elder Holland
This month we celebrate the organisation of Primary
Like King Mosiah, they have four children on mission at the same time
The healing of spiritual blindness is a matter of eternal significance
Her dying father asked her to promise that she would 'Stand by the church'
The Lord answers our prayers when we have faith
He prayed with faith and received a testimony
Greg learned the importance of agency while surfing
How long could Bishop Tyson wait to choose a new counsellor?
'Please help me eat because I love these people and I know they have prepared this from their hearts and I don’t want to disappoint them”
'We found great faith, a love of God, and a love of Christ. There is so much that we can learn from these Latter-day Saints” — Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles after his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo
Johnny faced a difficult dilemma. If he served a mission, he would lose his hard-won scholarship