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'Self-reliance is becoming like God and that is the ultimate!'
'I realized these were sacred funds. Others had made a contribution to my education, so it was my responsibility to show appreciation by studying hard.'
When we try to change our habits we need to focus on the details
'Through My Path we learned principles to help us with our gardening project.'
'When Heavenly Father introduces a program or an initiative He will see us through.'
What do you do with your money when you have extra?
Nomusa used the Church's Employment Program with graduating engineers, and they all found work
'Homeless and without hope, I finally reached out to God in prayer. I found peace and a pathway to success and happiness.'
Wise lessons from a mother passed on to future generations
The Church's Perpetual Education Fund helps thousands of LDS students get an education and improve their lives
It takes personal integrity in order to progress
Why is perseverance so elusive to some and yet seems to be a habit for others?
Our listening skills will also sharpen as we learn to listen to the Spirit
I encourage those who have not joined one of the Self-Reliance groups yet to do so right away
The Church's free self-reliance courses are helping James of Malawi be a better provider for his family
 In many ways, we are all pioneers, moving forward through uncertainty and trusting the Lord
Education is a worthwhile endeavor
Not content to help only himself, Joseph is sharing his skills and knowledge with others to help them become self-reliant too
We can apply the same habits that Olympic athletes use to achieve greatness to improve our own productivity
'Being prepared gives us freedom from fear' — Elder L. Tom Perry
Be prayerful, never give up, and trust God as you study
In this video Elder Sitati discusses the importance of education for self-reliance
Trust takes a long time to earn and sometimes only a split second to destroy
At midnight Buyisile needed help, and the Lord told her what to do
There are many ways to save—be prayerful and seek guidance in finding them
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'We just need to take advantage of all the opportunities we have and keep putting God first in our lives' - Sandra
Perseverance overcomes almost everything—John D. Rockefeller
We are responsible for our appearance, our attitude, and our relationships
Focus and determination kept me going, and it was all worth the sacrifices in the end
“…the worst affliction in life is neither pain nor poverty but a lack of purpose and direction”
'The PEF program was able to give me hope and an opportunity to drastically improve my life through education' - Shirley
Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. It takes work, but that’s how the Lord intended it to be. The best part is the great feeling of accomplishment we feel when we get it right
“United we stand, divided we fall” 
Time is a precious commodity. Let us learn to use it well by relying on the Lord to confirm our plans and bless our efforts
When we exercise faith in Jesus Christ, amazing things can happen in our lives
The self-reliance and PEF programs can help to break the cycle of poverty 
'My mission president taught me that sometimes we have to ask God what He would have us do, instead of us telling Him what we want Him to do for us'
PEF helped Nyasha achieve her educational dream
The Job Search Group has made a huge difference in her life
Hard-working Stuart got a job within three days of finishing his studies
Pepitho is grateful to be able to provide for his family
The Career Workshop helped me a lot and is still helping me
How the Planning for Success workshop blessed my life
The Lord cares about our temporal welfare
'We invite you to diligently study and apply these principles and teach them to your family members' - First Presidency