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Sabbath Ideas for Young People

Sabbath Ideas for Young People

Whenever I ask the question “What can I do on Sunday?” I always draw a blank. My mind starts ticking through the things I can’t do, and I feel like I’m left with nothing. I’ve found, though, that if I focus the question to reflect the real purpose of the day, the ideas are endless. The formula looks like this:

What can I do on Sunday + strengthen my faith = lots of stuff



1. Read the New Era magazine. 

2. Create a gospel quote book.

3. Teach someone to use

4. Record the testimony of Joseph Smith in your own voice.

5. Create gospel quotes to share on social media.

6. Learn how to lead music.

7. Create a handwritten poster of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

8. Secretly decorate a family member’s bedroom door with love notes.

9. Find a month’s worth of inspiring quotes, and text them to friends and family every day for 30 days.

10. Watch Church videos on YouTube.

11. Create a general conference quote jar.

12. Create a family letter and email it to extended family members.

13. Make cookies and write a note to another youth in your ward, telling them what you admire about them.

14. Download and use the New Testament scripture mastery cards.

15. Use the Friend magazine to create Sabbath “activity folders” for younger brothers and sisters.

16. Work on Personal Progress or Duty to God.

17. Read the Africa Southeast Area website – there are many inspiring stories in it.