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image of Christ


April 9

Mark 5:36

- Watch the video on faith

- Pray with faith for another person’s needs

- Write a list of the reasons why you believe in God

- Read and discuss Alma 32:21-43 with a friend or family member


April 10

Matthew 14:14

- Watch the video on compassion

- Watch the Mormon Messages video “Lift: The Power of Service

- Think of someone you love. Make a list of their good traits and give it to them

- Write a letter to someone who has recently experienced loss or could use a pick-me-up


April 11

Luke 6:37

- Watch the video on forgiveness

- Is there someone you need to forgive? Write down all of that person’s positive qualities and try to imagine how God sees them

- Pray for strength to forgive someone who offended you

- Read or listen to “The Healing Power of Forgiveness” by James E. Faust


April 12

Isaiah 1:18

- Watch the video on repentance

- Watch “Repentance: A Joyful Choice” by Dale G. Renlund

- Make a list of areas in your life that aren’t in harmony with Jesus’ teachings and set goals to improve

- Learn more about addiction recovery


April 13

John 11:41

- Watch the video on gratitude

- Purchase a box of thank you notes and use them all next month (include a handwritten message)

- Say a prayer where you only thank God

- Share a specific example on social media of something someone did for you and how it made a difference in your life


April 14

Matthew 4:4

- Watch the video on scriptures

- Share a scripture about peace on social media

- Think of a question or trial you’re facing. Find someone in the scriptures who faced a similar issue and learn from their example

- Study the same scripture topic as a friend and compare notes


April 15

Matthew 21:22

- Watch the video on prayer

- Share with a friend or write about a time when a specific prayer was answered

- Study John 17 and Matthew 6:9-13 and share your feelings about these prayers on social media

- Say a prayer in which you never mention your own needs. Instead, pray solely for others


April 16 

1 Cor. 15:19, 22

- Watch the video on hope

- Watch “Bearing Our Burdens with Hope” by David A. Bednar

- Read the account of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection in the Bible

- Create a playlist of songs that give you hope and courage