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PEF Made a Difference in my Life

PEF Made a Difference in my Life

'The PEF program is a blessing from our Heavenly Father. My bishop introduced the program to me at a time when I desperately needed extra funding to finish my Java programming course. I had attended college previously and had spent a lot of money being trained, but I couldn't find decent employment. The PEF program was able to give me hope and an opportunity to drastically improve my life through education. I appreciate that the program encouraged me to stay active in the Church, to participate in institute programs, and to improve myself spiritually.


'Shortly after completing the course I was blessed with a computer programming job at one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies. I made sure to pay off the PEF loan as quickly as I could. This helped me understand the importance of being responsible for my actions in order to bless other students that will need the help from PEF. My confidence levels increased as I paid off the loan and I proved to be reliable and trustworthy. I felt good about that achievement. I think it’s better to not procrastinate paying off a loan, because interest on the loan can quickly build up. To avoid any temptations at the end of the month I opted to have a debit order going off my account to pay for the loan. Some months, when I could spare some money, I paid extra towards the loan. That made a huge difference, and I would advise others to do the same, but only after they have taken care of all their necessary living costs.

'A better paying job meant a better quality of life. It meant I could help out my parents and family, and I was able to make myself more available to serve in the Church. The skills and refinement I have since acquired from working have helped me greatly to be of better service in all my Church callings. I’ve been working for almost six years as a programmer and I still love my job. I was able to save up a really good deposit for my first car. I recently got married in the temple to a wonderful man. With both of us working, my husband and I were able to save up for our wedding and for a deposit for our new home. I feel that if it were not for my studies and my constant participation at church I would not have had a job, nor would I have been able to achieve any of these good things.


'I feel so indebted to our Heavenly Father. I owe Him my life and more. I would not have come this far in my life without His help. I’m thankful for the continued revelation we receive from modern-day prophets. Each and every revelation helps to improve our lives. The Lord truly loves us and wants the very best for us. I’m grateful to know that.'