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On the Resurrection: A Poem to the Israelites

On the Resurrection: A Poem to the Israelites

On the Resurrection: A Poem to the Israelites

On the Resurrection: A Poem to the Israelites

Oh hear Israel and listen today, know you not why nations have sorrow

Do you know that your King who was spurned and rejected

Is coming again on the morrow

Have you read what the Book of Isaiah would tell – that backs would be turned upon Him

Do you know He was wounded, bruised and chastised

Do you know that He died for our sin

Have you heard of the man acquainted with sorrow

And know of the grief He did bear

Of his face so torn, so bloodied and beaten, His face that once was so fair

Do you know of oppression, of affliction and pain, of things He might say if He would

Do you know as a lamb to the slaughter He came, of His love when before them He stood?

Have you read of the Cross, and the pain that He bore

Do you know of the tomb in the Garden

Do you know of the words that He cried on that day

Did you know He asked God for our pardon?

Have you read on the third day He rose from that grave,

And rose to His Father’s right hand.

Do you know of the day when His glory we’ll see

Of the day when before Him we’ll stand

Have you read that in beauty He grew up before us

And that by His stripes we are healed

And know He was wounded for our transgressions

And His blood is now our shield

Do you know ‘twas for us that He hung on the Cross

‘Twas for us that He suffered and died

Did you know ‘twas for us with sword bright and gleaming

That a Roman opened his side

Have you read ‘tis like sheep that nations do stumble

So blind and so far astray

Do you know to reach out for your eyes to be opened

Hear your Lord say, “My sheep, I’m the way.”

Have you read of that day of Jerusalem’s ruin

When your nation cried out in sorrow

And know of the day of His coming again –

Realise that it might be tomorrow.

Inspired by Isaiah 53

Inspired by Isaiah 53