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Freddie Zhuwankinyu

Freddie Zhuwankinyu

It was in the month of August in the year 2000. My parents were farm labourers in Zimbabwe and I was still in high school. A friend of mine, whom I had known for a short time, had started attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had not joined any church before as I had this feeling in my heart that the churches that were there were not the right ones to join. When my friend asked me if we could go to church together the next Sunday I thought he was inviting me to one of those churches, so I did not go. The following week he asked again and I had this strong impression that I should not keep on postponing and that I did not know what the future held. With this decision I felt joy and I knew I had to go to church with him. I found out that the Mormon church was different from what I had imagined and that, although it was a small branch, it was a true church of God. I received lessons from the missionary couple and I was baptised 3 years later.

My life has never been the same since joining the church. I have served a mission and some of my younger brothers have also joined the church and served missions.  My testimony has grown. Many people admire the kind of life I lead and it is because of the gospel.  I’m truly grateful to my friend for having invited me to church that day.

I know now that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church I had been waiting for all along.  Without even knowing it, I had been waiting for someone from the LDS church to invite me to attend, which is why I had no desire to go to any other church. I know the Lord chooses us before we choose Him.

If there is someone out there who might be postponing reading the Book of Mormon or attending church, this is the time to do so because the Lord loves us.