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Determined to Serve the Lord

Determined to Serve the Lord
Elder John Wilson Oketch was born in Kisumu, Kenya.  His father died in 2007 from cancer. Even though he needed to help support the family, John always felt blessed.   Since the time of his father’s passing, his mother struggled to make ends meet and support the family because of illness and low paying jobs.  Expenses of the family were high and it made life very difficult for the family. 

This did not discourage John because he vowed to find other ways to survive.  He looked for a job to help support the family and moved to an apartment with his sister.  He worked in the hotel industry for a stint and worked as a waiter. After three months of hard work, he was promoted to work at the front desk.  He changed jobs because it required him to work on Sundays and meant that he would miss Church.  When he resigned from that job, it took him a full month to find another position.  He felt fortunate because he found a job after much prayer.  It was a tough job, but he had to do it. He was later promoted to be a manager in the new branch of the company he worked for.  

John was introduced to the gospel by his mother in June 2009 and was baptized in December of that year.  He later baptized his older brother and his sister the next year. In appreciation to the Lord for how He had helped him get work, John promised to do something in return by serving a mission.  

Prior to going to the Ghana Missionary Training Centre, people broke into his home and robbed him of his life's savings. This did not deter John from serving a mission though. He was determined to serve the Lord. He was very inspired by missionary work and was encouraged by the missionaries serving in his ward.  He feels that he will be blessed by his missionary service if he serves well and returns with honour.  He is committed to work hard and to diligently serve the Lord.  

He knows life can be tough but he has always challenged himself.  Nothing he has experienced can compare with what Joseph Smith went through in prison.  One lesson he always remembers from the beginning of his conversion is the example of our Saviour. He also had a hard life, but served His Father diligently and faithfully. He overcame all trials and afflictions, and can comfort us in ours. John tries to emulate the Saviour’s example in his own life, and will teach the gospel, like Christ did, for the next two years.

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