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Christmas in Madagascar

Christmas in Madagascar
People from Madagascar are called Malagasy. Most Malagasy believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  They know that God sent His Son for them, so they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as a great day in their lives.
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On the Eve of Christmas, all families go to church to attend the Christmas celebration, to praise the Lord, watch the nativity and listen to the Christmas carols sung by children. When the clock strikes midnight people hug and kiss each other, saying tratrin’ ny krismasy  (Merry Christmas) and partake of the rice cake and the candies from Santa Claus. Then they go home to prepare the big feast of Christmas Day.

tratrin’ ny krismasy
Each family has a decorated pine tree. They also have a lot of candies to share. Buch de Noël (Yule log) is a special Christmas treat adopted from the French. Christmas celebrations start at midnight on 24 December and last till 30 December. Christmas time is very much a time when families get together, visit each other or go to church together. Food is usually better than the everyday meal. If they can afford it, parents will buy and prepare chicken or pork as a special meal.
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Buch de Noël

As in most countries, people like to give each other Christmas gifts. Within families, parents like to give new clothes to their children. Poorer families, however, may not be able to afford buying gifts, so they make them or do without. Christmas is a time of doing good to others.

“He was born so I am so grateful for that, and I know that He lives and is my Saviour.”

“He was born so I am so grateful for that, and I know that He lives and is my Saviour.”