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BYU Women’s Golf Team In Cape Town and Service Project Report.

BYU Women’s Golf Team In Cape Town and Service Project Report

In June the BYU golf team had a bit of down time and had the opportunity to have a meet-and- greet with the young single adults of the the Cape Town and Bellville stakes organised by David Harkness, the Cape Town Public Affairs Director, and Edwin Louw, the Bellville Stake Public Affairs Director, at the Mowbray chapel, where the visitors where able to try some traditional South African delights such as boerewors sausage, pap, breyani (a spicy rice dish) and malva pudding for dessert made by one of the YSA and her mother.

This was just an opportunity to sit around the table and talk, and share fun and laughter, and at the end of the night a little game of half-court basketball.


BYU Womens' Golf Team and YSA of the Cape Town and Bellville Stakes

Saturday was an early start for the BYU golf team and members of the Cape Town Stake as they prepared to be involved in a wonderful service project in the Imazamo Yethu informal settlement in Hout Bay with an NGO whom they have worked with in the past, called Khusela Ikhaya. They have formulated a fire retardant paint which burns at a slower rate and temperature, thus saving the fire from spreading rapidly and destroying some times hundreds of shacks and lives. The informal settlement they painted had already suffered from big fires since the beginning of the year.


A sea of Mormon Helping Hands vests prepare to get started painting


 Mark van Dyk of the Fish Hoek Ward having some brush fun with his daughter

David Harkness, Stake Public affairs Director and President Sanders, counsellor in the Cape Town Stake Presidency, were involved in setting up the day and service project. With yellow MHH vests on, the work, fun, laughter and service began alongside other groups and volunteers.


The BYU golf team and members got stuck right in and were sometimes helped by the home owners themselves. Due to time constraints the golf team had to make their way to Paarl for a golf clinic, but members of the Cape Town stake came and spoke with the residents, and in simple ways shared the gospel as people asked where they were from.

 BYU Golf Team
 BYU Womens Golf Team get to work with shack owners, helping them with fire retardant paint
 One member by the name of Ari who came to paint was on holiday from California and heard about the service project at church the week before. She was actually flying out that day to go back home but still found a few hours to come help paint rather than doing what most holiday-makers in Cape Town would be doing on their last day of holiday, going up Table Mountain or to the shops or just packing and getting ready for a long flight.

 Ari , our  service holiday-maker  from California


Event organisers and local community leaders thanked us and were amazed at the results and turn out of members of the church who came to work.


The Shaw family of Meadowridge ward spending family time doing service

 Neil Gailis of Meadowridge Ward reaching the higher areas

One community member who had an 18-month old daughter asked if some members could paint her shack.  With paint and brushes in hand, members went to work on it. Later on in an interview for radio she thanked us for what the members had done. She said, 'I know the paint won’t STOP my shack from burning down but will slow it down to allow me and my daughter to escape if need be, and also to collect ID books and birth certificates and other important things that would normally just be destroyed in these terrible fires.'

The goal that day was to paint 50 shacks and by the end of the day with everyone from all walks of life, 62 were painted. That is not the end but only the beginning for this community and other wheels and cogs are now in motion. It was great for members to be a small part in a big wheel and to be the Saviour's hands that day.

Sunday the 12th of June saw the BYU golf Team attend sacrament meeting in the Mowbray chapel before their tour continued to George. They were impressed by how reverent the meeting was. Then it was time for the group to depart for their next stop in George.

It had been a busy but great weekend for all involved….              

Over the weekend many connections were made with other NGOs and we look forward to working with them in the future.

 David Harkness and Welcome, who is the community psychologist

  Connecting with NGO Volunteers from JAM  who feed children under 6 years old.


National Public Affairs Director, Robert O Friel with Managing Director of heartFM radio