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Worldwide Launch of #LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas Initiative

Worldwide Launch of #LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas Initiative

This year’s Christmas initiative focuses on celebrating and sharing the light of Jesus Christ, the “light of the world” (John 8:12).

“As we follow the example of the Savior and live as He lived and as He taught, that light will burn within us and will light the way for others,” said President Thomas S. Monson in a General Conference address in October 2015.

“It's the Christmas season,” said Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “We have lights — all kinds of lights on our houses, on our trees, on our dining tables. So if we link those wonderful traditions with the source of truth, even Christ as the source of light, it just made great sense to all of us that that would be the theme that we would employ this year.”

Sharable online content is available at beginning 25 November, including a video that invites the public to perform acts of service following Christ’s example during the Christmas season. The service effort will kick off Thursday 1 December with a Worldwide Day of Service.

Elder Bednar explained, “The whole purpose of this initiative is to celebrate and share the Light of Christ. What we hope people will do is not simply think about the Savior during this Christmas season, or even just learn more about Him. What we hope is that they will come to know Him by doing what He did.” 

25 short videos offering daily ideas for service can be shared on social media during the initiative. These can be found on

Elder Bednar: “These are very simple things that the Savior has provided the example. And we, in a very appropriate, simple way during this Christmas season, can do the same things that He did. He healed the blind. We can help the blind to see. We might, for example, read a story to someone in a nursing home who cannot see. Doesn't take a lot of time, but a small, simple act of service that exemplifies the Light of Christ.”

The calendar provides daily ideas for planning service opportunities in December leading up to Christmas Day.

Watch the Christmas video, #LIGHTtheWORLD. Read more about the initiative here.