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Watch Women's General Conference Online

image of audience at Women's General Conference

On Saturday 25 March 2017 the Women's General Conference was held. The 7.1 million Relief Society sisters in 188 countries around the world were counselled to focus on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Second Counsellor in the Primary General Presidency, gave a talk entitled, Trust in the Lord and Lean Not. Here is a summary of the talk.

Sister Carol F. McConkie, First Counsellor in the Young Women General Presidency, gave a talk entitled, The Beauty of Holiness. Read a summary of her talk. 

The Relief Society General President, Linda K. Burton, gave a talk entitled, Certain Women. Here is the summary of her talk.

President Henry B. Eyring, First Counsellor in the First Presidency, gave a talk entitled, 'My Peace I Leave With You'. Read the summary of his talk.

Watch all of the Women's General Conference online.