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Watch General Conference October 2016

Watch General Conference October 2016

All members of the Church are invited to participate in the 186th Semiannual General Conference.

350-1726207-First Presidency April

The First Presidency, members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and other General Authorities and General Officers of the Church will deliver messages of inspiration and guidance in six sessions:

The general women’s session for sisters ages eight and older will be Saturday, 24 September, at 6:00 pm (Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)).

general women’s session

The general priesthood session for priesthood holders will be Saturday, 1 October, at 6:00 pm (MDT).

general priesthood session

The general sessions for individuals and families will be Saturday and Sunday, 1 and 2 October, at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm (MDT).

general sessions

Invite others

Invite others

Those of other faiths are welcome to participate in General Conference. Members are encouraged to invite others in person or using social media. Invite others using Facebook.


Live viewing options

All sessions will be streamed live on the home page of They are also available via the Church satellite system, Mormon Channel, radio, television, satellite, and other digital channels.

Participate and share via social media

Participate and share via social media

To participate in General Conference conversations on Twitter, use #LDSconf or speakers’ recommended hashtags, or simply retweet quotes, videos, and images posted at @LDSchurchThe Apostles’ Facebook pages are another way to see and share their messages.

Post-conference availability

General Conference talks in text, audio, and video formats are provided in multiple channels for studying after conference, including the Gospel Library app, the general conference section of (, and Church magazines.

Conference is a time for personal learning


Making notes during the talks helps us learn more than if we merely listen.

Members of the Africa Southeast Area share what they have learned from past conferences:

  • Clyde Govender (South Africa): From Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s April 2016 talk, Fathers, I learned that even though I grew up without a father in my home, and so did not have an example to pattern my fatherhood after, the Lord is providing ways for me to become the type of father that our Heavenly Father is. From the talk I learned about the many things I was doing right already and the many things I still need to be doing. I learned that I'm not meant to be a perfect father now, but that this very experience of fatherhood is what will help me become perfect in the eternities. I learned about the vital role I have in the lives of my family, especially my children, and that there is no substitute for me. I ultimately learned to be patient with myself in becoming a better father and not look to the world’s view on fatherhood and feel inadequate, but that I might be doing better than I have given myself credit for.

  • Suzan Apondi (Uganda): Answers to my questions are answered in a more clear and divine way. Every time I watch conference it’s like Heavenly Father is speaking directly to me but through His servants. That I treasure the most because it is latter day scripture and I take it seriously.

  • Loveness Katsande (Zimbabwe): When watching General Conference I am humbled to know that the Lord knows our specific needs. I feel strengthened when I am weak and the messages raise me up. The messages guard and guide me in all my life giving me direction to continue holding on to the iron rod without fear of any tribulations and trials. 

  • Marcell Noble (Namibia): In 2006 we moved to Swakopmund as a family. We had sacrament meetings in our home. It was very hard for us to attend General Conference at the main branch of the Church in Windhoek, because it is 356km away. I counselled with the Lord in prayer, and was inspired to download the General Conference. I feel that our leaders have addressed us directly with words such as: 'He loves us. We need to know that He sees the good in us. Feeling His love encourages us to press forward'. As the technology grew in Namibia, we were blessed to watch General Conference directly in our own livingroom at home with other Church members and families. Today we are a branch in Swakopmund and we are blessed to watch General Conference as members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints in our own chapel in Swakopmund. This is my testimony that General Conference is the greatest blessing for us as members.

  • Elder Kazadi (DRC mission): I know that God speaks to us all by His prophet, and I know that General Conference is one way our Heavenly Father responds to our problems. Never had words touched my heart like those spoken in Conference. I was at peace. I understood that though not all of my goals were attained, I could be strong and courageous as I go forth. I found my resolve to continue to serve the Lord like a Daniel ... or a Joseph Smith. I may not have their circumstances, but I am determined to face my own challenges with their strength and “a good courage.”  Read his experience here.

Prepare for conference


Conference provides an opportunity to receive personal revelation as living prophets give counsel and direction. Asking questions can help you prepare for Conference, increasing personal revelation while you watch. Learning more about General Authorities and General Officers can help you prepare to receive their messages.

More ways to prepare can be found here. Here are fun activities to prepare for children and youth to do during conference to learn while they watch Conference.

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