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Trials Before Our Visit To The Temple

Trials Before Our Visit To The Temple

I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Uganda after my friend told me about the church. When we heard about the temple, the Lord prompted me that our family should go to be sealed.

When the time came to go to the temple of God with my wife and our three children, we started preparations for the journey, but Satan brought challenges when my last born became ill with malaria.  He began convulsing, so my wife phoned me. I instructed her to bring him to the hospital for treatment.  I took him to see the doctor, and the doctor said he should be admitted because his condition may worsen at any time, but I replied that he was not too bad, and if his condition worsened, I would bring him back. I took him back home. At about 2.30am he again had convulsions. I prayed that God would save the life of my son. He was taken to the hospital, given treatment, and admitted for the doctor to monitor the situation. I spent five days in the hospital with my son until he was discharged.

As the days drew near for our travel to the temple, other things went wrong. Prayers helped a lot.  Three weeks before we were to leave, I was admitted to hospital for surgery, which was successful.  Two weeks before our trip to the temple, the mission office called to inform me that my two children’s visas were rejected because they lacked their birth certificates. At that time I was still weak and my stitches hadn’t been removed.  I cried to God, “This is the end of me. I need your mercy, God.” I finally got a priesthood holder to take the birth certificates to Kampala for me.

We boarded our plane safely to South Africa.  When I reached the temple I felt the Holy Ghost whispering to me that this is God’s holy house. The pain I came with from my surgery started subsiding. The days I spent at the temple changed me. My faith has increased. What makes me happy is being sealed to my wife and children.

I testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a true church and the Book of Mormon is a true book and the restored gospel is the true Gospel. When reading the scriptures, the blessings of our Father in Heaven will abundantly be given to us.  If it was not for our faith, prayers, obedience, and keeping the commandments, I could not have travelled to the temple of God. God bless my family and all people that attend the temple with the gift of listening to the Spirit.