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The First Member of the General Young Women Board From Africa

The First Member of the General Young Women Board From Africa
Sister Dorah is from the Florida Ward in the Soweto South Africa Stake. She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and trained as a junior school teacher at the Transvaal College of Education. She is married to T. Jackson Mkhabela, an attorney, and they have three children. Jackson was an Area Seventy, a stake president, bishop, and high councilor. He is currently the president of the Zimbabwe Harare Mission, and his wife serves with him. Dorah has taught in Sunday School and seminary, and been a counsellor in Primary and Relief Society. She has also served on the Young Women general board.
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Dorah tells how she joined the church: “At the time that the missionaries introduced the gospel to my husband, they asked him about me. I was working very far from home and would come back for weekends. One day I was able to meet with them and join the discussion. I was interested in learning more about the LDS Church because in 1986 I had visited my mother's church, and when I came home afterwards, I told her I would never go to her church again. I decided not to look any further, but as I met with the missionaries for the discussions, what they were teaching felt right.

“My husband also helped me to join the church in a very subtle way. He was the first to attend the Mormon Church, and the second time that he attended, when he came home he told me that he was going to continue attending church and would never look back. Out of curiosity I went with him and our son the following Sunday. I loved it. We continued to work with the missionaries and were baptized three months later.”

This is her testimony: ”I know that God lives and He loves me. Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten of the Father. He has marked the path for me. I am grateful for His atoning sacrifice and for His willingness to serve, and for His teachings. The Holy Ghost leads and guides me. I know that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove. I testify that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.”