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Youth and YSA

'Please help me eat because I love these people and I know they have prepared this from their hearts and I don’t want to disappoint them”
Elder Andersen shares the inspiring story of Elder Ssengooba from Uganda
McKay said that his mission was not for sale
Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy will speak at the worldwide devotional for young adults on Sunday 1 May 2016
370 youth attended the For the Strength of Youth conference in KwaZulu-Natal this month
Keep children listening and participating during Conference. You will be surprised how much they learn
A Young Woman from Sunnyside, South Africa wrote a poem about how significant we each are
Zimbabwe held their first For the Strength of Youth Conference
This is the first time that young Church Service Missionaries have been assigned to serve in the temple
Helpful Ideas for helping a returned missionary get off the ground
First Young Women's camp for the District of Luanda in Angola
Elder and Sister Bednar addressed questions common among youth of all ages and nationalities, such as how to stand up for personal beliefs and how to gain a testimony.