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Self-Reliance Messages

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'We just need to take advantage of all the opportunities we have and keep putting God first in our lives' - Sandra
Perseverance overcomes almost everything—John D. Rockefeller
We are responsible for our appearance, our attitude, and our relationships
Focus and determination kept me going, and it was all worth the sacrifices in the end
“…the worst affliction in life is neither pain nor poverty but a lack of purpose and direction”
'The PEF program was able to give me hope and an opportunity to drastically improve my life through education' - Shirley
Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. It takes work, but that’s how the Lord intended it to be. The best part is the great feeling of accomplishment we feel when we get it right
“United we stand, divided we fall” 
Learning a skill, such as sewing, helps people become self-reliant
Time is a precious commodity. Let us learn to use it well by relying on the Lord to confirm our plans and bless our efforts
When we exercise faith in Jesus Christ, amazing things can happen in our lives