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Self-Reliance Messages

 In many ways, we are all pioneers, moving forward through uncertainty and trusting the Lord
Education is a worthwhile endeavor
Not content to help only himself, Joseph is sharing his skills and knowledge with others to help them become self-reliant too
We can apply the same habits that Olympic athletes use to achieve greatness to improve our own productivity
'Being prepared gives us freedom from fear' — Elder L. Tom Perry
Be prayerful, never give up, and trust God as you study
The Saints in Saradroa, Madagascar have worked hard to build and maintain their chapel
In this video Elder Sitati discusses the importance of education for self-reliance
Trust takes a long time to earn and sometimes only a split second to destroy
At midnight Buyisile needed help, and the Lord told her what to do
How good are you at keeping your New Year resolutions? Here are some suggestions to help us change
There are many ways to save—be prayerful and seek guidance in finding them