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Self-Reliance Messages

What do you do with your money when you have extra?
Nomusa used the Church's Employment Program with graduating engineers, and they all found work
Persistence and the guidance of the Holy Ghost have led Mfundo from a humble township home to Harvard University
Wise lessons from a mother passed on to future generations
The Church's Perpetual Education Fund helps thousands of LDS students get an education and improve their lives
It takes personal integrity in order to progress
Why is perseverance so elusive to some and yet seems to be a habit for others?
Our listening skills will also sharpen as we learn to listen to the Spirit
I encourage those who have not joined one of the Self-Reliance groups yet to do so right away
The Church's free self-reliance courses are helping James of Malawi be a better provider for his family
In this article there are links to other useful articles to help teach children to be self-reliant
Siyabonga is a talented artist whose career has been blessed by the self-reliance courses