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Self-Reliance Messages

Five LDS moms tried the #TimeWise experiment, learning to become more reliant on God.
Five LDS working mothers use a self-reliance principle to use their time more wisely
Self-reliance has a purpose which is to help us be able to serve. We need to teach that self-reliance is not the end goal but is a means to the goal of service
We save money so we can buy things we want, right? As good as that feels, it’s not the best reason to save.
When we believe in the atonement, we believe that Christ will quicken our minds through the Holy Ghost so that we can learn the things that are necessary for us to improve ourselves
'Self-reliance is becoming like God and that is the ultimate!'
'I realized these were sacred funds. Others had made a contribution to my education, so it was my responsibility to show appreciation by studying hard.'
When we try to change our habits we need to focus on the details
Do this self-evaluation test to find out how self-reliant you are
'Through My Path we learned principles to help us with our gardening project.'
'When Heavenly Father introduces a program or an initiative He will see us through.'
Not only did this missionary finance his own mission, he also built a new home for his family