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Kenneth and Muriel Armstrong have served the Lord diligently in their various callings
Sister Christine du Plessis found the gospel when she was training to be an opera singer
Elder Edward Dube was one of the early pioneers in Zimbabwe.
Audrey Brummer has provided over eighty children with a safe haven.
Everybody treats Luke as a normal person, and he does not consider himself handicapped.
Dolly Ndholovu has blessed the lives of those around her as a mother, a nurse, and a temple worker.
Helen Vlok believed that God would bless her life when she helped others
Julia Mavimbela worked her entire life to combat proverty, illiteracy, crime, and disease.
Sister Philomon helps orphans in Kinshasa
Sister van der Linden has lived 100 rich years.
Mavis Hutchison declares, 'Being old has nothing to do with age.'  
Anthony Obinna sees a beautiful building in a dream.