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Missionary Stories

We drove into a deep pothole in the road, but nothing seemed to be wrong with the car
This is the first time that young Church Service Missionaries have been assigned to serve in the temple
How could we hold a baptism with no water for the font?
Elder Brown and Elder Jackson were able to teach the gospel to an audience of about 30,000.
Obedience was embarrassed when he met the same missionaries he had thrown out of his home.
Lindani Ndlovu prayed for inspiration about going on a mission, and his prayers were answered.
Solomon Tumane taught the gospel through soccer.
Elders in Richard's Bay share the gospel on their own radio show.
The first two sister missionaries from Angola have their prayers answered.  
Elder Mfundo E. Mavundla might never have met Elder Jace R. Riley.  
A soccer player's friends bring him back to church activity  
Many young adults in Zimbabwe are preparing for missions. A missionary story