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Members' Stories

My mother spoke almost no English, so she asked random strangers in London how she could get to the LDS temple
After losing his parents, Tatenda found the gospel. Now they can be an eternal family
Father and son were miraculously reunited in the temple
Christopher Chishinji was locked out of his family home because he chose to belong to the Church.
Elder Mdletshe struggled to accept a mission call, fearing he would lose his opportunity to attend university.
What was the Lord's will for me?
Being diagnosed with a life-threatening tumour tested the faith of a young Mozambican woman.
Gregorio Tchicanda dreamed he would be given a blue book that contained the restored gospel
Tito Momen knew the Church was true, but being baptized was illegal in his country.  
Philibert Rasolo didn't know why he built such a large home, but after his baptism, he found the answer.
Greg Burgoyne decided to pay his tithing even though he knew it would take a miracle for him to finish medical school.
Brother Mamo prayed for help finding a place to live.