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Members' Stories

Christmas traditions in Madagascar
Christmas traditions in Ethiopia
Did Gladys still 'sing the song of redeeming love' after twenty six years?
Christmas traditions in Zimbabwe
Elder Joseph A. Sitati and his family built a house in Kenya so they would have a place to stay when they traveled from Nairobi every Christmas. One year, over 100 members of another church visited them at the house, leading many people in the area to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
Christmas traditions in Burundi
Christmas traditions in Namibia
Spencer W Kimball: 'He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that He meets our needs.'
She thought her daughter would be deaf, but the Lord Jesus Christ had other plans in mind
When life handed Wendy a bowl of lemons, she made lemonade
The Lord answered many of Sister Lillian's prayers long before she joined the LDS Church
Serving a mission in gratitude to the Lord