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Members' Stories

These members decided to follow Nephi's example. A brother was blessed as he prepared for a mission, and a sister was led back into activity in the church
A sister tells how the talks in General Conference answered her questions
She felt she couldn't afford to pay tithing, but she put the Lord's promise to the test
A picture of Jesus in a shop in Ladysmith, South Africa attracted the missionaries
The lost wallet brought about the opportunity for one of God's children to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ
This sister wanted to attend Church but had to work on Sundays
'...regardless of the pattern whereby this blessing is received....'  
Calvin wanted to join the club, but he would have to bribe his way in
“I’ve always loved the talks from Elder Bednar. He is one of the Church leaders who inspires me the most.”
Is one good deed a day for a year possible?
By following the promptings of the Holy Ghost, this young mother kept her children safe
Andy and his fiancé planned a temple wedding and decided not to pay lobola