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Jesus Christ

Prayer is essential to faith in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
The general women’s meeting signals the opening of general conference
Elder Makasi invites us to come unto Christ to be healed
Use discussions in class to focus on the doctrines of Jesus Christ
Elder Hamilton shares how his family felt a desire to be more engaged in the work of bringing souls to God
The journey of Elder Ajok from South Sudan to serving as a full-time missionary was filled with both challenges and blessings
After being injured, Joe had to learn to forgive the driver who had knocked him down and falsely accused him
Through love we prepare the way for those who follow us, as all pioneers do
I learned a significant lesson from my horse Stubby regarding the miracle of change
When we obey and make sacrifices, we are blessed
A fun activity for home evening or the Sabbath day (or any day of the week)
The power went off, and Elder Scott gave us a very special message