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Conversion Stories

Brother Odume was taught as a child to be content with what he had
Reaching out to his Heavenly Father, Luthando found the light he was searching for.
Obedience was embarrassed when he met the same missionaries he had thrown out of his home.
After a very lonely and difficult childhood, Sery Kone found peace in the gospel.
'When I entered the church, I had a feeling that I was home.'
Dan was determined to be baptised, even though he was far from home.
Vanick resisted baptism until she had a dream that answered her prayers.
Albertina Sithole wanted to find the parts of the Bible that her father said were missing.  
When Edward M. Ngindu was first offered a Book of Mormon, he threw it back.  
Brother Pierre Kemle had been a pastor for 25 years before he met the missionaries.  
Jonah isn't the only person who tried to avoid the voice of God.  
Jordin-Jordin Kialanda encounters opposition to joining the Church.