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Conversion Stories

Robert Dlamini was the first Swazi to accept the gospel
Elder Moyo finally accepted the gospel because his brother never gave up on him
President Eyring tells how a young man in Africa blessed his friend
When I had pleurisy my friend brought the LDS missionaries to pray for me
After Dan joined the Church, he saw himself and others differently
'Find the church that is called by the Saviour's name.'  
Vanessa was so impressed by a young man’s respect for himself and for women, and by his unwavering love of God,  that she wanted to investigate the LDS Church
Walter felt drawn to the wet, dusty book with a gold angel on the cover 
Elder Andersen shares the inspiring story of Elder Ssengooba from Uganda
While modelling as the Saviour for a painting, Phillip Miner became ill and received a priesthood blessing that changed the course of his life
At the Durban temple groundbreaking Elder Cook told this story of a sister who walked for 9 hours to attend church each week
The mission president wanted to interview this 'golden' family himself