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Church History Stories

Saints of Cameroon struggle to get to the temple.  
The faith of a village in Tanzania helped them survive a drought.    
Brother Modibo's dog was his first connection to the Church.    
Africa is full of 'faithful, visionary people' who have often been led to the Church by extraordinary means.    
Robert Israel Muhile was not only among the first members of the Church in Tanzania; he was the only one in his village.    
Filipe S. Zavale of Mozambique keeps in touch with the Church through his magazine subscription to the Liahona.    
Ejikeme Enyii-Ineh from Chad visits Temple Square while on a business trip.  
This little booklet secured official Church recognition for an entire country.  
Anthony Obinna sees a beautiful building in a dream.  
Brother Mohapi found the church when he was a refugee  
A missionary finds an answer.  
If seven loaves and a few little fishes can feed a multitude, 200 rand can keep blessing lives far into the future.