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Church History Stories

Meet the man who oversees Church History for both the Africa Southeast Area and the Africa West Area
 Primary began in 1878 with 224 children attending. Today there are one million children in Primary.
Miracles provide inspirational pictures of the Johannesburg Temple  
The Church has recently released footage of the first baptisms in Ghana and Nigeria in 1978.
Gwen Smith was healed when she received a priesthood blessing.
Primary children pray that the rain will stop.
An apostle's visit blessed Sister Shongwe's family for many years.  
Kofi Sosu prayed and fasted to find peace with his father.  
Many miracles made it possible for Church authorities to dedicate Angola.  
Anastasia Akotbongo became alarmed when her relatives started joining the Church.  
Gervais Gerard Zang becomes one of the first members of the Church and the first branch president in Cameroon.    
Kuteka Kamulete travels from Zaire to the Swiss Temple.