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Area Presidency Messages

It is important to collect, preserve, and share Church history.  
The gifts Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gave us are not one time gifts.  
The divinity of Jesus Christ and the reality of His Atonement are either true or they are not.  
Lena Sofia and Matts Leander Renlund listened to missionaries preach the restored gospel.  
Self-reliance means that we do not need others to help support us or our families financially.  
My Grandma Jenny had a unique gift for communicating in colorful and poignant ways.  
'You can do this. Please know that I am with you!'  
Let our hearts be 'knit together in unity and in love one towards another.' (Mosiah 18:21)  
The importance of a name can never be underestimated.  
The Lord's Law of Finance is available to everyone.  
We must all participate.  
'He is my best friend.' An Area Presidency message