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Area Presidency Messages

President Hinckley said, 'There is never enough time to do it all', so how do we choose what to do?
Elder Cook invites us to test, try and prove the law of tithing
Elder Cook teaches how we can keep the Sabbath day holy
When it comes to temples and temple worship, we had better get going
Elder Ellis reminds us of some important things we can learn from the temple
The Area Presidency has a special message for us about attending the temple.
Elder Cook reminds of the importance of attending the temple
There is only one way to assess our honesty, and that is from God's point of view
Elder Hamilton reminds us of the blessings we receive from Sabbath day observance.
Elder Cook reminds us that following the prophets' instructions on marriage will bless us and our families
President Cook discusses the pitfalls of pride
The Lord's way to receive blessings is to help the poor and become self-reliant.