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From food parcels to braais, members in the Johannesburg Stake, South Africa, have been lighting the world in various ways.
To #LightTheWorld, Sister Baddoo and her family worked together to make cookies for their neighbours.
Wherever we are, we can light the world - just as these two missionaries in Ukraine did.
As part of #LightTheWorld, Ntinda Ward made 100 food packs to share with villagers who were in need.
A few months ago my wife and I took some names of our kindred dead to the temple to do the work for them. I will never forget the experience I had as I was doing this work.
Following an outbreak of the plague, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints transferred 69 missionaries in Madagascar to other missions.
Elder David. A Bednar recently concluded a tour of three African countries in the Africa Southeast Area. Here are some of his trip highlights.
In the Church, in spite of our differences, the Lord expects us to be one.
God calls to you. Turn your soul toward the light. As you do so, your life will be better, happier, and more purposeful.
When we give our hearts to the Father and the Son, we change our worlds.
Elder S. Mark Palmer invites members to ponder the October General Conference messages and look for how they apply in your life.
Let us be active participants in this great work of salvation and be genuine friends who love, care, listen and reach out to those voices in despair.