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His brother set the table, knowing there was no food, then he and his mother prayed
The Lord had a plan for this severely injured man
Brother Odume was taught as a child to be content with what he had
The Spirit said to me, “Stop. Pick up those copies of the Book of Mormon!”
Brother Hubert Hodgkiss was the first convert baptism in Zimbabwe
The missionaries arrived just at the moment they were needed
Honouring the priesthood is much more important to Fred Antwi than the honours of the world
Sally wanted to complete her Personal Progress, and had the opportunity when she was called as a counsellor in the Young Women
The Area Presidency discuss the Area plan for 2016
A story told by Anne Pingree in General Conference inspired Louise to paint the women in Africa
'We invite you to diligently study and apply these principles and teach them to your family members' - First Presidency
A Christmas message to all members from the First Presidency