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'I was hit with a powerful reminder that Heavenly Father knows me, He knows my needs, and He watches over me.'
Happily married couples share advice on achieving a successful, happy marriage
She felt she couldn't afford to pay tithing, but she put the Lord's promise to the test
“I think there is no place in the world where I feel closer to the Lord than in one of His holy temples” — President Thomas S. Monson
Family history information collected through oral histories is shared with families in Africa
Through family history, I have gained a love for people whose faces I will never see in this life
Marrying in the temple contributes to a successful marriage
Michelle's grandmother was eagerly waiting for her ordinances to be performed, and was overjoyed when Michelle did them for her
Church members around the world responded to the call to #LIGHTtheWORLD this holiday season through acts of service
The most important question may be the one teachers ask themselves before they get to class
Members share their feelings about the temple
Sunday School has an important role to play in helping all of us prepare to meet God. Are you making it a priority?