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While Tarryn waits for her mission call to arrive, she is preparing for her mission, not waiting idly
We save money so we can buy things we want, right? As good as that feels, it’s not the best reason to save.
When we believe in the atonement, we believe that Christ will quicken our minds through the Holy Ghost so that we can learn the things that are necessary for us to improve ourselves
'Self-reliance is becoming like God and that is the ultimate!'
A sister shares how Relief Society helped her fit into a new ward while living overseas
Discover the features of the new Africa Southeast Area Page
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Valuable messages from each of the sixteen General Relief Society presidents
17 March marks 175 years since the organization of Relief Society by the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1842
Elder Palmer shares a wonderful message to the women of the Church
Two couples have been called to preside over missions in Africa
Elder Lono explains how the gospel can combine with good African traditions