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Sister Gracious Shoko learnt that obedience to the commandments can help us develop self-discipline and that ability to endure to the end.
Each of us has God-given potential to rise up out of our circumstances, whatever they may be, and stand independently as agents not objects.
#LDSMostWanted is looking for members with Christlike attributes. Have you practiced repentance? Share your stories with us.
One of the best ways to show our love is to share the gospel. But sharing the gospel is more than talking about the church. It's giving of ourselves to those in need.
As part of a year-long experiment to implement each of the 12 self-reliance principles, one member decided to bring the Church’s problem-solving wisdom into her home.
Maria has tried to raise her son as she was raised, teaching him to trust in the Lord at all times.
Elder S. Mark Palmer shares some personal examples of how we can reach out to, love and serve others.
In 2018, #LDSMostWanted is looking for members with Christlike attributes. Have you experienced Personal Growth? Share your stories with us.
Elder Asante had the impression that five people were ready to get baptised in Njeru. With faith, he found all five.
To believe in a living prophet helps us to establish the gospel in our hearts on a sure foundation.
Five LDS moms tried the #TimeWise experiment, learning to become more reliant on God.
As we ponder our New Year resolutions, let us include the Lord in setting and establishing our objectives.