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The principle of work is basic to the plan of our Heavenly Father for the salvation of His children. How can we take personal responsibility to work hard?
Elder Dale G. Renlund and his wife Ruth delivered a historic Africa Face to Face event on August 5, 2017 from Accra, Ghana.
When something bad, frustrating or painful happens in your life, consider that it may be the exact thing you need to progress or move forward
Five LDS working mothers use a self-reliance principle to use their time more wisely
Fasting is a commandment with a wonderful promise for those in need and for us
Elder Kevin S. Hamilton reaches out to the Saints in Djibouti
The Criddle family moved to Djibouti recently. Their concern has been finding a way to help their children feel the Spirit and gain a testimony without all of the programs provided in established units of the church
Self-reliance has a purpose which is to help us be able to serve. We need to teach that self-reliance is not the end goal but is a means to the goal of service
The challenge has been extended to the youth—have you accepted it?
'I felt completely at peace, as if I had come home'
Suzen spent her life serving and helping others, blessing many lives
Joseph from Zimbabwe shares how he is preparing to serve as a missionary