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Quiz: How Much do you Know About President Monson?

Quiz: How Much do you Know About President Monson?

How much do you know about the prophet, Thomas S. Monson? Did you know that he plays the piano? Try these questions to test yourself.

1 - How old is he?


2 - What is the name of his beloved wife who has passed on?


3 - How many children does he have?

4 - How old was he when he was called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles?

5 - How long has he been president of the Church?

6 - As a boy what animals did he raise?


7 - Which of the armed forces did he join?

8 - Which is one of his favourite Christmas books?


9 - What is his middle name? (Thomas S. Monson)

1 0 - What was his main message to the general membership in the April 2016 General Conference?


Read more about President Monson and see more photos of him here.

This is where you can find the answers to the above questions.