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Four Corners of the Earth

baptismal service in Djibouti
Elder Kevin S. Hamilton
Elder Kevin S. Hamilton

Luke, in the New Testament, writes: “After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also and sent them before his face into every city and place” (Luke 10:1). Elder Kevin S. Hamilton, a modern day Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, equivalent to Timothy or Titus of the New Testament, recently travelled to one of the four corners of the earth - Djibouti - to minster to the LDS members there.   

Djibouti is a small sovereign Muslim nation on the Gulf of Aden situated at the entrance to the Red Sea.  This far-flung place is home to a handful of US service men and women, and some LDS consular staff.  On Sunday 11 June, Elder Hamilton was warmly greeted at the military base where a sacrament meeting was held with 18 attending. After the sacrament meeting they held Sunday School, after which Elder Hamilton set apart a new Group Leader - Jayson Criddle - releasing with great thanks his predecessor, Joshua ‘Jet’ Thompson. 

In this Islamic country proselytizing is not permitted and the official Sabbath is on Friday. On the base they are able to use the non-denominational chapel to hold the regular Sunday meetings. The chapel is used on a time slot basis during the day by the other Christian religions represented there. 

Djibouti is part of the Uganda Mission and is the western most country of the Africa South East Area.  Across this narrow part of the Red Sea, on the shore opposite Djibouti, is where the ancient prophet Lehi and his family travelled, as recounted in the Book of Mormon, an ancient record and a testament of our Saviour Jesus Christ.