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Blessings for the Hearing Impaired

Blessings for the Hearing Impaired

The hearing impaired at Danhiko School, Zimbabwe benefitted from LDS Charities.

Donations consisted of complete renovation of the hearing-impaired classroom, 600 meters of material, an overhead projector, white board writing slates with markers and erasers, two emulsion boxes, screen mesh, 50 liters of pigment dyes, and more.

Phone Kufakwedeke, Director, expressed appreciation for the work being done and wrote, “It is this kind of support that gives us the energy to continue in our quest of ensuring that the under-privileged in our society are accorded the life and quality education that they deserve, knowing that we are not alone in this battle.”

Danhiko School head, Mr. Tawanda Musariri, said, “We pledge to keep the room well and to uphold the standard you have provided.”