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Applying for a Loan

Applying for a Loan

How do I apply for a PEF Loan?

Steps for obtaining a PEF Loan:

  1. Attend a PEF preparatory class. If the My Path to Self-Relianceassessment and Education for Better Work group are not yet available, the Planning for Success workshop will continue to be the preparatory class.
  2. Select a preferred job, preferred program, and preferred school from the local PEF Preferred List.
  3. Select a PEF Loan Mentor.
  4. Be interviewed and endorsed by a member of your bishopric or branch presidency.
  5. Complete the online loan application using your LDS Account username and password. You may use a computer at your local self-reliance center, Institute of Religion, Family History Center, or anywhere there is an internet connection.

If you have questions about the application, you may call the Help Desk team at the PEF Mentoring Center. Volunteers in your stake may also be able to help you.

Your application will be reviewed online by qualified staff to make sure it is a good plan for your local area. If there are questions, they will get back with you. Then it will be sent to a PEF Loan Committee to make a decision on your loan request.

What Are the My Path to Self-Reliance Workbook and Education for Better Work Group?

My Path to Self-Reliance is a short, personal assessment that will help you develop a plan for achieving self-reliance. If your plan involves additional education, you will be invited to attend an Education for Better Workgroup—a learning process that helps prepare you to succeed in school and also helps you to decide whether a PEF loan is right for you.

The My Path to Self-Reliance assessment and Education for Better Work group are available at your nearest self-reliance center. If these are not available, then thePlanning for Success workshop is required.

What is the PEF Preferred List?

The PEF Preferred List is a list of good jobs in your area and the local programs and schools that will lead to these jobs. The PEF Preferred List helps you by making sure you acquire skills and training that are in demand in the local economy.

PEF loans are only approved for programs and schools found on the PEF Preferred List. This list is prepared by your local Self-Reliance Center and is available by signing in here.

What is a PEF loan mentor?

A PEF loan mentor is a responsible adult who provides counsel and guidance to you as you work towards achieving your education and career goals. The PEF loan mentor also advises and encourages you to honor your commitment to pay back your PEF loan. The PEF loan mentor is not a loan co-signer or guarantor and has no financial obligation associated with the PEF loan. You will learn more about selecting a PEF Loan Mentor during the PEF preparatory class.